Much of our work and energy is devoted to saving, preserving, rebuilding, and replacing teeth. Unfortunately, despite heroic efforts on behalf of our team and our patients, we are occasionally faced with the decision to remove a natural tooth. No tooth should be extracted without considerable thought and planning, but there are certainly valid reasons that would warrant the extraction of a natural tooth. When those instances arise, we want you to know that we are here to support you before, during, and after your tooth is removed.

Know When to Say When

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A severely damaged tooth must often be extracted when the extent of the damage is considered to be beyond repair. This may apply to a cracked or fractured tooth, a tooth that has lost significant bone support due to periodontal disease, or a tooth that has not responded favorably to a root canal procedure. If saving your tooth just isn’t feasible, we will be here to review all of your treatment options and help you to arrive at the decision that is most comfortable for you.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom teeth are often removed if they are found to be impacted or the source of chronic pain and infection. A wisdom tooth that is impacted cannot erupt properly, typically because it is growing at the wrong angle or it simply cannot fit in the furthest corner of the mouth.

As the wisdom teeth attempt to protrude through the gums, they can become lodged behind the last molars, causing pain and infection. In many cases, food and bacteria can begin to collect in the crevices of the tooth and the jagged gum tissue, making oral hygiene difficult and contributing to bad breath, tooth decay, and localized gum disease.

The pain and discomfort of an impacted wisdom tooth can sometime be managed with pain medications and antibiotics for short periods of time, but the issue cannot be fully resolved until the unhealthy tooth is removed. If your wisdom teeth are found to be impacted or otherwise unhealthy, we will recommend that you have them surgically removed. Occasionally, a single wisdom tooth can be removed, but we generally find that all four wisdom teeth must be removed at the same time. For wisdom tooth surgery, your options for sedation and anesthesia can be customized for your comfort and safety.

More Information

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