It is clear to see that missing teeth can make you feel unhappy and uncomfortable about your own appearance. We understand how an incomplete smile can affect your life and we are pleased to offer dental implants for patients who are seeking a natural-looking solution that is also permanent. With implants, your smile can be restored to completion and you’ll immediately feel more secure and less self-conscious. There’s no wonder why millions of adults have chosen implants to regain a fully functioning smile and an improved image.

Dental Implants Overview

As an artificial tooth that is ‘implanted’ directly into the jawbone, a dental implant consists of a titanium tooth root and a custom dental crown. In some cases, the titanium tooth root may be used to support a denture or alternative appliance rather than a single dental crown. In most cases, the dental implant procedure must be completed in separate phases, allowing a few months between phases for natural healing to occur. Because the completed dental implant is permanently anchored to the jawbone, a strong, long-term relationship is formed between the new tooth and the jaw. The beauty of implant dentistry is that the artificial tooth can be easily maintained and treated just like a natural tooth.

Benefits of Dental Implants

There are several excellent benefits to be gained when you complete your smile with dental implants:

  • Natural-looking results
  • Long-lasting solution, a lifetime of durability when proper care and good health are maintained
  • Strong, durable tooth replacement in terms of chewing, biting, and speaking
  • Requires the same care as natural teeth in terms of daily oral hygiene
  • Greater personal confidence
  • Higher level of function compared to other replacement teeth – in terms of eating and speaking
  • Non-removable, functions like natural teeth
  • Consistent comfort
  • Enhances overall oral health
  • Will never require adhesives, glues, or adjustments

Exploring Dental Implants

To confirm that dental implants are the appropriate choice for you, we will first evaluate the density of the jawbone, the health of the gums, and the status of your general health. We will also ask about your long-term goals to ensure that you are committed to maintaining your dental implants properly.

If you desire a stronger and more complete smile, then it’s our goal to assist you in your mission. Contact our office today to learn more about dental implants.