Crosspointe Dental and Orthodontics provides an array of general and restorative dental services along with orthodontic care. For the treatment of malocclusion, different types of orthodontic appliances can prove effective. One of our most popular offerings for improving one’s occlusion (bite) and straightening teeth is Invisalign®. This discreet treatment system is ideal for busy adults who want to correct the alignment and placement of their teeth. We also provide care through the CandidPro Aligner System, which uses advanced digital imaging and feedback to improve your experience with care.

While discreet appliances are popular, some patients have care needs that call for different solutions. Through traditional bracket-and-wire orthodontic care, we can address more significant problems with poor spacing, including gaps, overlaps, and other problems. To help individuals affected by crowding and spacing trouble because of a narrow upper jaw, we do provide orthodontic expansion.

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Solution For Your Uneven Smile

There are several reasons why we make a range of treatment options available to patients who hope to address malocclusion. Before we proceed with any type of care, we take time to learn a patient’s concerns as well as their priorities for treatment. With multiple approaches to orthodontic work available, we provide a more personalized care experience, one that meets your needs and provides a better experience throughout your adjustment.

Enjoying Adjustment That Relies On Traditional Bracket-And-Wires

Through the use of traditional appliances that depend on a system of brackets and wires, we can take on different degrees of malocclusion. Using this traditional system allows us to carefully guide a smile that is out of position; while this can feel more intrusive than discreet alternative solutions, it is sometimes needed to take on more significant spacing problems. We use detailed images and advanced reviews to determine whether this or another solution might be appropriate, and can help you understand the health and cosmetic benefits to treating malocclusion in this manner.

Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign refers to a specific orthodontic treatment system that utilizes aligners instead of fixed orthodontic appliances like brackets. Aligners are made from clear plastic and fit over teeth like a retainer or mouth guard. Each is custom-made and corresponds to a specific phase of treatment. Patients will wear a set of aligners for two weeks. At the end of two weeks, a new set of aligners are worn. Each set is progressively tighter than the previously worn set. Aligners must properly conform to teeth so that enough pressure is generated to facilitate tooth movement. Over time, gaps between teeth will close and crooked teeth will align upright. Once treatment is over, patients will maintain new tooth movement by wearing retainers.

The clear design of these appliances keeps patients’ adjustments with them discreet. On top of receiving inconspicuous treatment, Invisalign patients enjoy the removable feature of aligners. Invisalign is worn for about 22 hours a day. That leaves two hours a day that a person can remove their aligners for meals and oral hygiene. Without fixed appliances standing in the way, people can enjoy their favorite foods without difficulty and perform oral hygiene without obstruction. Another advantage to this approach is comfort. While there is an adjustment period between wearing aligners, people do not have to endure cuts or scrapes into soft oral tissue from the sharp edges associated with wires and brackets. The outside of Invisalign is smooth so that comfort is increased.

Using The CandidPro Aligner System To Improve Your Smile

Like Invisalign, CandidPro supplies a sequence of clear aligners that fit over teeth and gently move them into their appropriate positions. However, the Candid system lets you use virtual examinations and check-ins to chart your progress with your appliances.

The right images matter to orthodontic treatment because they inform both what kind of issues with poor spacing you have and what needs to be done for treatment. Having the ability to remotely scan your smile during your adjustment makes it easier for you to stay updated about a treatment plan that is personalized for you! We can help you understand how this approach differs from Invisalign, what you will need to perform evaluations, and how this can help you proceed with care while booking fewer in-office appointments.

Treating Jaw And Alignment Issues With Orthodontic Expansion

Correcting malocclusion means more than just making cosmetic improvements. As much as your smile can benefit from the right corrections, we can recommend treatment when you have problems with your teeth and jaw that are found to impact your health and quality of life, too.

Problems with bite function, smile alignment, and even sleep troubles can be traced back to a lack of space in the mouth. Orthodontic expansion addresses this. Also known as palate expansion, this care relies on a custom appliance placed at the roof of the mouth that gradually expands the two halves of the jawbone.

For kids and adults who lack space in the upper jaw, sleep disorders are a concern. That lack of room can force the tongue toward the back of the mouth, which effectively restricts breathing. If you or someone in your family exhibits signs of a sleep disorder, or if you have difficulties with crowding and overlapping teeth, bite pains, and other trouble with poor spacing, we can perform an evaluation to see if this is the right solution.

Adult Orthodontics

Our team at Crosspointe Dental and Orthodontics believes that it’s never too late to straighten your smile – even well into adulthood. Having straight, properly aligned teeth is more than just enjoying an ego boost. Properly aligned teeth reduce risks for common oral conditions such as periodontal disease and tooth decay, as well as reduce the risks for developing occlusal problems, TMJ disorder, and worn dentition.

Sometimes, people who have worn braces in the past develop unwanted tooth movement due to not wearing maintenance retainers or the eruption of wisdom teeth, while others who never wore braces decide to invest in their oral health and appearance. Our practice treats adults with various experiences and needs. Our mission is to accommodate all patients with effective and quality oral care.

Visit Our Crosspointe For Your Orthodontic Consultation

Whether you have never worn braces or have received orthodontic treatment in the past, our team can help. At your consultation, our dentist will evaluate your overall oral health, take a close look at your tooth placement, and discuss your smile improvement goals. From the information we gather, we can recommend one of the many orthodontic solutions that we offer.

For more information about adult orthodontics and Invisalign at our practice, call our Mansfield, TX practice to reserve an appointment at (817) 592-8475.