What’s missing from your smile? If you are missing a few teeth or all of your teeth then you have probably already come to understand the inconvenience and embarrassment of tooth loss. But did you also know that tooth loss is an unhealthy condition? Difficult or incomplete chewing can interfere with your ability to digest food, and limited food choices can interfere with your ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Fortunately, there are several options for replacing missing teeth, including dentures and partials.

Complete Dentures and Partial Dentures

A full or complete denture serves as a replacement for all of the teeth. It is a removable appliance that contains a full row of artificial teeth surrounded by artificial gum tissue. The esthetic details of the denture can be customized to reflect the characteristics of the smile that you desire.

Partial dentures are similar to complete dentures but are used to replace a few missing teeth rather than all of the teeth. Partials are generally made of a metal or acrylic base, fitted with artificial teeth and prosthetic gum tissue. Metal clasps precision attachments are used to hold the appliance in place, making it easily removable for daily cleaning.

Custom Fit for High Performance

Modern dentures are made from advanced materials and are designed to fit better for improved performance. These improvements are particularly beneficial for anyone who may be challenged by a loose-fitting denture or uneven partial. A poorly-fitting appliance can cause sores on the gums, pain, speech problems, and chewing inefficiencies. These issues can ultimately dampen your self-confidence and influence the way that you interact with friends and acquaintances.

To provide you with a high-performing new denture or to correct the fit of your existing denture, we occasionally recommend the following:

Dental Implant-supported dentures. Dental implants can solve the problem of loose or unstable dentures by creating a permanent anchor for greater support. Simply by adding a few implants, we can also maintain the health of the remaining jawbone which would otherwise deteriorate in the absence of the teeth.

Precision framework. Cast metal framework and custom clasps can be integrated into a partial denture to anchor the appliance to the neighboring natural teeth for improved stability.

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