Oral Surgery Can Improve Your Oral Health

When we see patients with more severe and complex oral health issues, such as periodontitis or wisdom teeth soon to erupt, we may prescribe oral surgery. With precision and accuracy, we can then treat your extensive oral health concerns. At our Mansfield, TX dental office, we can offer a number of oral surgical procedures.

Oral Surgery

Oral surgery addresses issues too complex for traditional restorative treatments. Our team can conduct these procedures to help improve the health, function, and appearance of your smile. We take all of these factors into account. In addition, we can discuss local anesthetics and even sedation options to ensure you’re comfortable and relaxed as we complete these treatments, so you enjoy a positive experience in our office even if you have dental anxiety.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

We can offer a tooth extraction to address wisdom teeth, whether they’ve already erupted or will do so soon. When your wisdom teeth arrive, this could complicate the health and function of your smile. You could suffer from a partial eruption known as an impaction, or the teeth could damage nearby ones to allow tooth decay and infection to develop. These third molars are also linked to misalignment too. Using oral surgery, our team can gently remove these teeth from your smile to preserve your oral health. For some, the procedure could take as little as 30 minutes, and only a day or two of rest before you return to your normal routine.


Gum disease can eventually impact the strength of your jaw and even lead to tooth loss. Our team could recommend a deep cleaning, which is more involved than a traditional cleaning, to remove buildup and bacterial deposits from the surfaces of the tooth and roots, and from beneath the gum line. This could take one visit or up to four, and helps reign the disease into a manageable state, so we can help you manage it moving forward with traditional cleanings every three to four months, as well as better home care habits.

Crown Lengthening

As part of periodontitis, or to aid in the repair of a tooth that has been severely decayed or damaged, we can conduct a crown lengthening procedure. Our team will adjust the height of periodontal tissues and the structure of underlying tooth and bone structure. This creates additional structure for us to connect a crown too, so we can improve the health and beauty of your smile. If you want to learn more about oral surgery, then please reach out to our team today.

Talk To Your Mansfield, TX Dentist About Our Treatment Options

We can handle your complex and extensive oral health concerns with personalized treatment! For more information, call our Mansfield, TX, dental office today at (817) 592-8475.



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