How dental implants can reduce long-term dental costs

If you have one or two missing teeth, you might think that it’s not worth the effort or money to replace them. However, a single missing tooth, if not replaced, can lead to severe dental health problems in the long term. Even if you’ve only lost one tooth, you should consider having it replaced with dental implants.

Why Would I Need to Have a Tooth Replaced?

Although a single missing tooth might not seem like a problem if the gap is small or not easily visible, in fact any gap between your teeth can lead to serious long-term problems. If there is extra space in your mouth, your other teeth will automatically move to fill it. In order to fill the space, your teeth will move out of their normal position. If they move far enough out of alignment, the long-term results can be quite serious.

Some of the problems associated with teeth moving out of their proper position include:

  • Misalignment
  • Malocclusion
  • Abnormal wear
  • Grinding and clenching
  • Temporomandibular joint disorder

If you have the missing tooth replaced, however, these problems are much less likely to develop, and you can help maintain the health of your teeth well into the future.

Why Dental Implants Are the Best Choice

There is a variety of choices when it comes to tooth replacement. Modern-day dentures are much more realistic looking and much more comfortable than they have ever been. However the best choice for tooth replacement is dental implants.

Dental implants provide not only a realistic-looking replacement for your tooth, but also a tooth root that is placed directly in your jawbone. This titanium root works to maintain the health of your jawbone by stimulating it to grow, preventing long-term atrophy in the bone. With dental implants, you can ensure not only the long-term health of your teeth, but can prevent a need for orthodontic treatment in the future, maintain normal jawbone regeneration, and keep the loss of one tooth from leading to the loss of many teeth. Call our office for more information!

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