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When you experience daytime drowsiness and irritability due to sleep apnea, this could impact your daily life. Over time, this could also stress your immune system and cause issues with your heart health. But our team can help with a CPAP alternative! At our orthodontic office in Mansfield, TX, we can provide a custom sleep appliance so you sleep without interruption and feel more rested and alert the next day.

The Warning Signs of Sleep Apnea

With sleep apnea, your significant other may let you know about chronic snoring, or about you waking suddenly in the night choking or gasping for breath. Otherwise, you may not know there is trouble until you experience issues in your waking hours, such as exhaustion, irritability, issues with concentration and memory, and headaches and dry mouth. With sleep apnea, as you rest soft tissues collapse and cut off airflow, you stop breathing until the brain interrupts your REM sleep to wake you. While you may not recall this happening, it could occur hundreds of times in one night, so you suffer from daytime exhaustion and other symptoms that impact your professional and personal life.

Health Risks

Over time, this could strain your immune system so you become more susceptible to illness. The disorders could also increase your blood pressure and leave you vulnerable to heart disease and even stroke or heart attack. Not to mention your moodiness can impact your personal interactions, and you could suffer from issues at work due to poor concentration and memory. Dry mouth could also increase the risk of cavities and gingivitis too. Instead of letting your overall oral health and your heart health suffer, talk to our team about a treatment option that doesn’t involve the loud and cumbersome CPAP machine!

Oral Appliances

An oral appliance can provide relief from sleep apnea, and is easy to clean and maintain. The device is custom-fitted for your smile based on detailed digital images we take of your mouth. The device looks like a simple mouthguard, but when the appliance is worn at night, it gently moves your jaw and tongue forward to prevent the collapse of soft tissues, so you can breathe without interruption and feel more rested the next day. You can also make positive changes to your sleep habits, like maintaining a regular schedule, avoiding screens in the hour before bed, resting on your side, and keeping your bedroom dark and cool!

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Sleep Better With Your Crosspointe Dental & Orthodontics Team In Mansfield, TX

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