Does your dentist offer these 3 services? If not, it might be time to switch.

There are certain things that your dentist should offer in order to be the kind of dentist that you need. These services include the basics that every dentist should offer for the best patient care.

If your dentist doesn’t offer these important services, you may want to consider switching to a dentist that does. To find out what services a dentist should offer their patients, keep reading.

1. Preventative and Diagnostic Care

Every dentist should offer preventative and diagnostic care to their patients. This would include basic services such as x-rays, cleanings, and checkups.

These are important services that every dentist should offer to help their patients with their dental hygiene. This kind of service can help to prevent much more serious dental issues later on.

This is the kind of dental service that you will need to have done yearly in order to maintain your smile. Every dentist should offer all of these services and more.

2. Restorative Care

A good dentist should also offer basic restorative care services to their patients. These kinds of services look like root canals, fillings, and simple tooth and gum repair work.

In a way, these services are also preventative measures as they help to prevent a much more serious issue later. 

Restorative care is incredibly important in order to maintain your smile. Without this kind of care, small dental issues could quickly become much larger and more serious.

This could end up resulting in serious restorative care being needed to fix the damage.

3. Major Restorative Care

Every dentist should also offer major restorative care to its patients when necessary. This would include services such as dentures, bridges, crowns, and braces.

These are more serious dental concerns that have to be addressed more directly with intense care. It is important for your dentist to offer these services as well in case you ever need them.

You don’t want to have to switch dentists if a more serious dental issue comes up later down the road.


If you are looking for a dentist that is the right fit for you, they should offer all of these dental services. If they don’t, it might be time to look for another dentist to go with instead.

These are important dental services, and you want to make sure that your dentist offers them. That way, you can go to just one dentist for all of your dental needs.

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